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The Albert Dock Conservation Area

Albert Dock Warehouses and Docks

The Albert Dock Conservation Area is characterised by the juxtaposition of buildings and water, created by and for their historic working relationship. 

Of necessity the docks and their structures are set apart from the city and not integrated into the city street pattern. 

Historically, the Albert Dock complex was separated from the city by a high wall, although a six-lane road now isolates it. The dominant pattern of the area is set by the docks themselves, and streets have been inserted around them.   

The impressive views and vistas within or from the Albert Dock Conservation Area, such as the view of the "Three Graces" along Salthouse Quay or the view of the Anglican Cathedral between Warehouses A and E have been achieved incidentally, but nonetheless create a strong maritime character. 

The removal of quayside warehousing and transit sheds, particularly around Salthouse Dock and Duke's Dock, have completely opened up views of the docks and the Albert Dock buildings. 

At five storeys plus basement the warehouses overshadow most of the other surrounding buildings and structures.

 However, as they were all designed with a functional relationship, they work together as an ensemble and the unified design is apparent. 

The loss of much of the inland warehousing and its dense street pattern, coupled with the widening of the Strand/ Wapping has given the Albert Dock complex increased visibility across the city at large.

This is a hard working environment, and green spaces are generally alien and absent. However, some trees have been introduced (along Salthouse Quay and also to soften the car-parking areas on Gower Street) and these do not in any way detract from the character of the area.