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The Wellington Memorial (1861-3) and The Steble Fountain (1877-79)

Grade II*

The Steble Fountain, William Brown St
The site of the former Islington Market at the east end of William Brown Street, between the Walker Art Gallery and St George's Hall, was dignified by the introduction of two pieces of monumental public sculpture. 

To the east is the 40m Wellington Column, by Messrs. A. and G. A. Lawson of Glasgow. A fluted Doric column is surmounted by a bronze statue of the Iron Duke and stands on a pedestal incorporating records of his battles. 

To the west is the Steble Fountain by Paul Lienard, unveiled in 1879, a gift to Liverpool from Colonel R. F. Steble who was Mayor in 1874-5. 

The circular stone basin has a cast iron centrepiece with marine figures reclining beneath two smaller basins from which water tumbles out of a mermaid's shell and fish masks. 

The original fountain designed by Lienard was produced for the Paris Exposition of 1867. It was transported to America where it now stands in front of the Massachusetts State House, Boston Common, Boston, USA and is known as the Brewer Fountain. Other castings are to be found in Geneva, Lyon and Bordeaux. The Steble Fountain was cast by W. T. Allen & Co. of London.